Does luck have a use by date? Both thought that at eighty they have experienced everything until, like a bolt of lightening, Rosa and Bruno come together and immediately fall head over heels. There are two obstacles to their happiness though: Bruno’s marriage, which has long been routine, and Rosa’s illness; she has cancer and not long left to live. Despite the difficult circumstances, the two decide to breakaway – Bruno from his relationship and Rosa from her retirement home. Against the advice of carers, doctors and relatives, the pair moves into a new apartment together. ANFANG 80 shows with a great deal of unequivocal humour how insensitively and sometimes desperately overburdened society reacts to love among the elderly.

Film Credits

Gerhard Ertl
Sabine Hiebler
Markus Glaser
Wolfgang Widerhofer
Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Michael Kitzberger
Gerhard Ertl
Sabine Hiebler
Erni Mangold
Branko Samarovski
Joseph Lorenz
Christine Ostermayer
Karl Merkatz
Susi Stach

More Information

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Country: Austria
Language: German
Released:30 December 2011
Duration: 90 min
Genres: Drama Romance

Coming of Age

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