It’s a cultural shock, when Hendrik (16) moves with his mother and brother Eddi (8) from Germany to a small village in Carinthia. The locals speak an incomprehensible dialect and there seems to be something wrong with the house as well. Eddi begins to sleepwalk, Hendrik is haunted by creepy nightmares and their mother despairs more and more. After initial difficulties Hendrik makes friends with nerdy Fritz and brisk Ida. Together they track down the secret of the eerie house.

Film Credits

Daniel Prochaska
Gerald Podgornig
Thomas Hroch
Gudula von Eysmondt
Julia Koschitz
Michael Pink
Leon Orlandianyi
Lars Bitterlich
Inge Maux

More Information

The Scary House Logo
Country: Austria
Language: German
Released:26 September 2021
Duration: 100 min
Genres: Family

The Scary House

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