Riding on their tuned-up bikes, Mati and her posse of male friends intimidate their neighborhood and harass the girls. In their village, they rule. But when her closest pal Sebastian falls in love with Mati and her enemy Carla unexpectedly turns into a friend, Mati is in danger of losing her standing among her male friends. Meanwhile Mati’s parents have a decision to make: What's more important, appearances or reality?

Film Credits

Katharina Mückstein
Katharina Mückstein
Natalie Schwager
Markus Glaser
Michael Schindegger
Wolfgang Widerhofer
Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Michael Kitzberger
Flavio Marchetti
Katharina Mückstein
Kathrin Resetarits
Dominik Warta
Jack Hofer
Sophie Stockinger
Julia Franz Richter

More Information

L'Animale Logo
Country: Austria
Language: German
Released:18 February 2018
Duration: 96 min
Genres: Drama


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