The young Goldmund is to study in the monastery Mariabronn. There he meets the Narcissus, who has dedicated himself with heart and soul to the ascetic and austere life in the monastery. An intimate friendship soon develops between the two, but the boisterous and fun-loving Goldmund soon realizes that the life the convent offers does not match his ideas of freedom and, emboldened by Narcissus, embarks on a journey full of adventure. But years later, Narcissus and Goldmund meet again under dramatic circumstances.

Film Credits

Stefan Ruzowitzky
Hermann Hesse
Stefan Ruzowitzky
Robert Gold
Emilia Schüle
Roxane Duran
Jannis Niewöhner
Jessica Schwarz
Sabin Tambrea
Uwe Ochsenknecht

More Information

Narcissus and Goldmund Logo
Released:2 January 2020
Duration: 110 min
Genres: Drama

Narcissus and Goldmund

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