The novel “Fitness” by anarchic poet Stefanie Sargnagel is to be made into a film. The only condition on the part of film funding: Sargnagel should play herself. Surfacing alongside the author are numerous actors from the Viennese cultural landscape in cameo appearances to satirically dissect the Austrian culture industry and its mechanisms.

Film Credits

Gerhard Ertl
Sabine Hiebler
Arash T. Riahi
Sabine Hiebler
Sabine Hiebler
Hilde Dalik
David Scheid
Stefanie Sargnagel
Thomas Gratzer
Michael Ostrowski
Voodoo Jürgens

More Information

Sargnagel Logo
Country: Austria
Language: German
Released:9 June 2021
Duration: 98 min
Genres: Comedy Drama


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