In concentric circles starting from the driveable border of the Brenner, The Border Fence measures the surroundings that were the scene of a shift in inner-European policy. At the same time, the space describes itself through Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s typically precise long shots and in extended talks with police officers, locals, hikers, farmers, innkeepers and toll collectors. What arises in an extremely small space is the full diversity of voices expressing individual political attitudes on a topic that affects Europe and is visible at the Brenner.

Film Credits

Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Markus Glaser
Wolfgang Widerhofer
Nikolaus Geyrhalter
Michael Kitzberger
Nikolaus Geyrhalter

More Information

The Border Fence Logo
Country: Austria
Language: German, Italian
Released:14 March 2018
Duration: 112 min
Genres: Documentary

The Border Fence

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